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Lighting and Camera Angles

Tip Provided by Dave

Here's a collection of photos that I put together just to visually illustrate how making minor changes in background, lighting and camera angle can sometimes appear as much bigger changes in the end photograph. The first picture is a shot of the overall setup that I used. My wife volunteered her little Lladro "Cat & Mouse" piece as the subject - yes, I was very careful :-)
Cat & Mouse - Overall Setup

This collage is shows the same camera angle, but minor differences in lighting and backgrounds. Cat & Mouse - First Collage

In this one, I got a little more creative with camera angles. Cat & Mouse - Second Collage

And in this one, even a little more creative. Cat & Mouse - Third Collage

The idea here is to encourage experimentation. We all know instinctively that there are photos that "work", and those that don't. They're usually impossible to define, but we sure know them when we see them. There have been many examples of ones that work really well from all of your posts on the forum over these pasts months.
Try to look at the subject from every angle you can think of, take a shot or two from each of those angles, maybe you'll be surprised as I was on some of these. To me, that's the "fun" part of photography.

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