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Archive of Photography Tips

Tentative Monthly "Assignment" Schedule

Created by Dave

February - Winter Outdoors - (Post the weekend March 2-4)
See what you find in the way of interesting, unusual, picturesque, out-of-place, winter shots. Look for the best angle to shoot it from. It's okay to crop, resize and correct for color or exposure problems, but try not to add any elements that were not in the original.

March - Kids or Animals (or both) - (Post the weekend March 30 - April 1)
Interesting, cute, unusual photos of children, pets, or children with pets ... either your own, or someone else's. No kidnapping allowed :-)

April - Spring Outdoors - (Post the weekend April 27 - 29)
Basically the same as February, but geared toward views or subjects usually seen in springtime.

May - Abstract Nature - (Post the weekend June 1-3)
Seeing a quality apart from the normal view of the object. A tree that looks like a character out of Dickens, a shadow that reminds you of another point in time or history. Let your imagination run wild ... well, within-reason-wild anyway :-)

Let's see how this works out.
Thanks for all of the good suggestions from everyone.
Of course this is all just for fun, learning, and the enjoyment of seeing the many great pictures that you've all 'turned in' so far. No prizes, no honor roll and no detention after-school for late or incomplete submissions :-), Dave

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